“One intrinsic constant about weather is its nature to change, the only solution for society is to change too and become more climate resilient”

Oomkens consultancy goes beyond assessing the physical risks of climate change. It is increasingly important for cities, institutions and organisations to demonstrate that they are taking action to manage the full spectrum of climate-related risks. For all stakeholders this includes managing transition and policy risks, and being responsive to opportunities as they emerge. As consultancy we are the bridge between science and real world decision-making, providing our clients with cost-effective measures that build climate resilience into their business processes and strategies.

 Our research skills are ranging from impact evaluation to big data analysis. We combine scientific rigour with the pragmatism that is required in a commercial environment

 We provide the needed in-depth analyses and tailor made solutions for efficient program development and optimisation

 We inspire and help to mature your ideas, by utilising our creative skills, comprehensive knowledge base and broad expert network towards actual implementation.

 We offer guidance in project management and ensure project quality according to ISO-standards and project integrity by working under full (non-)disclosure

 We have strong insights in the challenges of climate change and business development opportunities and  assist in designing strategies to address these


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active across 9 countries
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Explore some of the projects of Oomkens Consultancy 


2015 – 2018: sunRISE – Ridge Integrated Solar Energy System Existing renewable solutions for domestic hot tap water systems still have a lot of room for improvement: the only available solutions are large volume systems that combine poor aesthetics with a strict limitation to south-oriented roofs. Sunridge is supported by EIT InnoEnergy and is an innovation …


Since 2014 Acting as an independent reviewer for climate change adaptation project proposals. 2017 – 2018: Report on adaptation business development strategy Climate financing is – as part of responsible investments – inevitable for the investment industry within the Netherlands. Serious efforts are made to become front runner within the global industry of climate impact …


2016 – 2017: Robotic Arm Selected as 1 of 30 from 3355 candidate freelancers to draft the NASA System Architecture for a robot arm of the free flyer. Astronauts and robots are planned and currently work together to perform a number of different tasks supporting research, operations and maintenance on board human space flight vehicles like …


Your climate impact agent

Combining BEng Mechanical Engineering and MSc Earth Science – Environmental Management


My ultimate objective is contributing to a sustainable and resilient society in the face of climate change. Embedded in my personality is that I am always curious, want to explore and have a constant drive for innovation.

I am a trained climate change adaptation specialist in environmental science and an expert in identifying strategic opportunities. My principal areas of technical expertise include climate science (impacts, risks, vulnerability, adaptation), policy analysis, training and knowledge transfer for decision-makers, project design and management. Whether it is setting up new programmes or performing comprehensive analyses, providing alternative perspectives is my strongest asset. 

As active contributor to the human capital of beta and gamma sciences in preparatory school, I believe it is our responsibility to better inform our next generation about their professional possibilities. I love to inspire children to look beyond their interests and show how opportunities, accomplishments and teamwork will become an inevitable part of their lives too.

According to my clients my drive and enthusiasm is catching, and I provide confidence, quality and optimism. 

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Jeroen Oomkens

Owner of Oomkens Consultancy


Oomkens consultancy can help you understand and manage the risks of climate change. We provide practical advice to assist in managing risks from a changing climate and to realize opportunities.

We have access to a network of scientific and technical experts who can undertake specialized modeling for detailed risk and life cycle assessments. If you would like to know how we can help you, please contact us at:

Oomkens Consultancy

Wessel Ilckenstraat 18
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E-mail: info (at) oomkens-consultancy.nl