BMI Group was established following the coming together of Braas Monier and Icopal. The combined heritage of these two groups represents a rich history of delivering roofing and waterproofing excellence to customers and brings together some of the biggest and most trusted names in the industry. Together, BMI Group is the largest roofing and waterproofing business in the world.

2015 – 2018: sunRISE – Ridge Integrated Solar Energy System

Existing renewable solutions for domestic hot tap water systems still have a lot of room for improvement: the only available solutions are large volume systems that combine poor aesthetics with a strict limitation to south-oriented roofs.

Sunridge is supported by EIT InnoEnergy and is an innovation specifically designed for dwellings where the orientation and/or the slope of the roof is not perfectly suited for solar collectors. In terms of efficiency, using the ridge of the roof as mounting area provides a major advantage over traditional plate collectors. By integrating the hot water tank in the solar system, no extra space in the building is needed to store the heat.

As project contributor I provide:

  • Full life cycle analysis according to the industry standards, including scope 3 emissions
  • Safeguard product normalisation
  • Design input for roof integration and aesthetics


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