Techniektalent is a foundation that seeks to accelerate the sector of engineering and technics in prepatory school. The foundation is a collaboration of multiple organisations within the technic sector. To create motivation, students are informed and inspired about engineering through activities and workshops. Research from platform beta techniek has shown that 87% of the young students are potentially to some extent susceptible in different degrees in engineering in the near future. An increase of students for engineering studies is evident since its inception.

In 2012 I started as ambassador of engineering for Techniektalent because I felt the need to participate in their cause. The collaboration steadily grown into a professional relationship, where I am able to inspire students in making solid career choices for the future.  I provide content and context as project developer in the students assignments and  I act as head of Jury for multiple national programs.

2016: Technasium Top awards competition,  Head of Jury

2017: Vakkanjers Red Cross competition, Head of Jury

2018: Vakkanjers Unie van Waterschappen, Head of Jury


2018 – Schoolfinale: Mondriaan College

2016 – Finale Jonge Makers

2016 – Technasium Top Awards

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